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Why Not Sea Monsters?: Songs from the Hebrew Scriptures

The name of this band is "Why Not Sea Monsters?" It is made up of singer/songwriter Justin Roberts and producer/arranger Liam Davis. The songs are all original retellings of bible stories from the Hebrew Scriptures (aka: the Old Testament). Filled with Justin's trademark wit, warmth and catchy hooks, Justin takes on topics such as Noah building the ark and Moses at the burning bush with sometimes silly and sometimes touching results.

Track Listing:

1. Why Not a Spark? 2. Nothing Much In Tarnish 3. Here, Kitty, Kitty 4. The #1 Fellow 5. Make That Two 6. Giddy Up Gideon 7. Moses Thought It Odd 8. No Spring Chicken 9. Ruth 1:16-17 10. Just a Giant 11. Where Were You? 12. Centuries

all songs © Justin Roberts, 2005

arranged & realized by Liam Davis

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