Justin Roberts :: NR4NP

Not Ready for Naptime Players

Justin & the NR4NP ring in the new year at Legoland!

Liam Davis

(electric guitar/keyboards/vocals/musical director)

Liam (a/k/a Thunder Thighs) loves to ride his bike (like Jackie) and watch baseball games (like Gerald) whenever possible. Liam also enjoys vanilla milkshakes and (like Dave) a good Turkey Reuben. When Liam met Justin Roberts, people still used typewriters, cell phones were as big as burritos, and everyone watched movies on TAPE! Can you BELIEVE it?? Liam helps Justin Roberts make the sounds on the CDs that you hear in your car or in your house, and that's why he's called a "producer". Liam's favorite song to listen to is "2X4" from the upcoming Jungle Gym album, but his favorite songs to PLAY are the totally ROCKIN' numbers, you know.

Liam is very proud to be a Not Ready For Naptime Player but also must confess that sometimes, after traveling all over the country playing his guitar and listening to Willy the whale's shenanigans, he is actually ready for a Nap.

Gerald Dowd


Gerald Dowd (a/k/a The Monocle) is the first drummer in family music to sport not one, but TWO beards. That's right: underneath Gerald's "top" beard lies an auxiliary beard (known as "Beard #2"), just in case anything were to happen to the first beard. And even though sometimes they might get a little long and unruly, my wife and 2 boys tolerate these beards. They worry sometimes that when I'm cooking dinner, one of my beards might accidentally come loose and SPLORT! fall right into the spaghetti sauce. "Fear not!" I shout. "I'm wearing my handy-dandy BeardNet2000™!" It's an all-purpose beard net which keeps my beards safe and sound behind a thin layer of some kind of space-age polymer. This bit of information seems to be of great comfort to my family.

But enough about beards! As a fan of anything talking-animal related, I am naturally drawn to Justin's song "Willy Was A Whale." However, since I'm also a huge baseball nut, I feel a particular affinity towards "Pop Fly". I love the way in which (if you listen closely to the sub-text of the lyrics) you can hear him sing passionately, and quite eloquently, about how great the Boston Red Sox are, and how excited he is about the acquisition of John Lackey to bolster their rotation, and how if everyone on the team stays healthy, their march to the post-season will be unstoppable!

At least I think that's what he's saying.

Jacqueline Schimmel

(bass/vocals/band archivist)

Jackie (a/k/a The Stickler) has been playing bass with Justin and Liam for the past 12+ years. She loves traveling all over the country with her four bandmates (six, if you count Willy and Little Dave!), and looks forward to playing for/meeting many new fans this year. When she isn't on stage with the Not Ready for Naptime Players, she enjoys practicing law, riding her bike, playing with electronic gadgets and listening to music (though not necessarily in that order). Her favorite Justin Roberts song is "Maybe the Monster", but she thinks they're all pretty swell. Jackie also enjoys eating candy whenever she wants, because now that she is a grown-up she doesn't have to worry about spoiling her dinner.

David Winer


Dave (a/k/a Big Dave) likes sandwiches with names. He likes a good Turkey Reuben. He likes a Patty Melt. He's not so keen on the Monte Cristo. He tells people he doesn't like pink food but he enjoys watermelon! What's the deal Dave? He doesn't even know! Dave thinks that being a Not Ready for Naptime Player is pretty darn fun! He loves all the Justin Roberts songs but has a special spot in his heart for "Fruit Jar." It makes him feel thoughtful, warm and sentimental.

So, why do you wear big shoes Dave?

1. They make me taller.

2. When I'm standing far away from you my body will appear smaller but my shoes will look regular sized.

3. Big shoes are all the rage and I'm a slave to fashion.

When Dave isn't jumping around he's probably playing with his wife and two kids. When he's not doing that he's writing music for commercials. When he's not doing that he's repairing his house. When's he's not doing that he's working on his autobiography, "Walk a mile in my big shoes. The David Winer story." When he's not doing that he's sleeping. Goodnight.

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